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Originally from Paris. Luis is currently based in Barcelona, Spain,

Drawn to ideas that are larger than life, Luis was always fascinated by movies, pop art, and Japanese Art. He has been working with the leading design and branding agencies around the world since 1986 as an independent, freelance visualiser and illustrator.

After many years focusing on advertising and editorial illustration also packaging, He has finally  began its own personal artistic project.

Outside of his day time profession as a photoshop artist Luis also founded his personal gallery online. A project centralized in his travels around  the world and his personal vision of lifestyle everywhere.

As a travel picture book representing its intimate feeling discovering local people.

“Its process of creation is quite simple just to live like locals and to observe looking for the magic moment when something emerges in order to be fixed as a picture.”

That is its own philosophy.

“I usually take some photo to focus it then once I come back in my studio I work on it.”

“The workprocess is now becoming to be longer because as a perfectionist I am I like drawing a lot of details without sinthetize, it is always difficult to me to feel satisfied with my work and decide when it is finally completed.”

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