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Originally from Paris. Luis is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

Drawn to ideas that are larger than life, Luis was always fascinated by movies, pop art, Japanese Art and martial arts. On a personal level, he is most influenced by comic culture and the ukiyo-e art. He has been working with the leading design and branding agencies around the world since 1986 as an independent, freelance visualiser and illustrator.

After many years focusing on advertising, packaging and editorial illustration he has finally began its own personal artistic project. Outside of his day time profession as a photoshop artist Luis also founded his personal gallery online .A project with two clear paths. His travels around  the world and his personal vision of lifestyle everywhere. His private tribute to the wonderful universe of Tai Chi.

As a travel picture book representing its intimate feeling discovering local people. Also as a practitioner of Tai chi Chuan he starts a new collection of diferentes pieces recreating postures  on the theme of  Tai Chi Chuan specially of the Cheng Man Ching style whom he is a dedicated practitioner.

 “It is my personal tribute to my dear CMC that I want to share with everyone.”

“So as an artist  I finally combining all my passions drawing , travelling and martial arts. It results these two collections of digital art.”

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